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From hell to hell

1. Albert of Silice - From Hell to Hell
2. At the Countess's - From Hell to Hell
3. For the First Time in Hell - From Hell to Hell
4. Waiting - From Hell to Hell
5. Task Completed - From Hell to Hell

Hell never returns what’s once devoured. Unless you can produce two sinful souls to take your place in the fires of hell until the next full moon. Innocent lord Albert (Ondřej Novák) faces this ordeal. Albert set out into the world to find himself a bride. However, instead of marrying beautiful comtesse (Denisa Pfauserová) he ended in the snares of hell. Can man with a heart of gold give up his moral principles to redeem himself from hell?

This extraordinary fairy tale by the director Daniel Habrda was created as a final graduate’s project for FAMO, the Film School in Písek.

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